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    a line of stars

  • Realtime World Sunlight Map See world weather too.

  • Since, 1982, Hugg-A-Planet has been developing great toys that belong in every home.

    IMIA International Map Industry Association

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    "Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet." - Carl Sagan.

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  • Click to enlargeHugg-A-Planet® Product line

    Gifts you will be remembered for giving. ..
    Give peace a chance!
    Improve geographic knowledge! Promote environmental stewardship! Making a lasting peace on Earth starts with our children! A Real Globe, just soft. A great way to place LOVE upon our world.

    Toys That Are Never Out Grown.

    The Hugg-A-Planet, Earth Line has won many awards for play value and excellence.

    The Classic HUGG A PLANET EarthThe Classic HUGG A PLANET Earth
    THIS IS THE MUST HAVE PLANET EARTH.. No matter what age. The Classic Hugg-A-Planet® Earth. "Best 25 Toys of the Past 25 Years" A real globe thats soft, with over 600 places labeled.

    SOME SPIRITUAL QUALITIES in it's use, when you Hugg-A-Planet, you just hugged 7 billon+ people and yourself. Dr. Toy "The Hugg-A-Planet, earth belongs in every toy box"

    Always the gift you are remembered for. Featured in "Readers Digest" The Smartest Vacation Ever. Featured in Yankee and Prevention Magazines
  • Available in Spanish and French too. • Place on the family couch or on the bed for easy hands on reference. • Over 600 places labeled on the Hugg-A-Planet, Earth. 12" in diameter. A real globe but soft.• Helps our children learn about caring for Planet Earth. "Kids will eye it like a treasure, toss it like a ball and hug it like a friend" Claire S. Green Parents' Choice Foundation

    The Classic HUGG A PLANET Earth HAP$24.95AVAILABLE: 
  • <center>Currently out of stock.</center><center>Currently out of stock.</center>
    As Seen in the daycare of the movie "Deep Impact" and the FOX Hit "Malcom In The Middle". This is our largest Hugg-A-Planet, Earth - over 2 feet in diameter! Fun for the whole family. This World has over 600 places labeled and is a great for accessory for the den, library, classroom or bedroom.

    Super Hugg-A-Planet, Earth 24" Dia.,

    Currently out of stock.
    Updated Cartography. The most detailed globe of Mars available anywhere. Visit The "Red Planet", Mars. Over 400 places labeled. Is proportional to Classic Earth. Comes with a fact sheet on the planet Mars.

    The locations landings of Curiosity rover in Gale crater, Spirit and Opportunity. These are the most exciting events happening on the surface of the " Red Planet" since the last mars rover in the late 1990's. Share this!

    Real good toys are never out grown.

    NEW! The Earth and MoonNEW! The Earth and Moon
    WINNER! "TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD" Creative Child Magazine. The world’s first set of both our planet, Earth, and the Moon. TOGETHER AGAIN. Get our Famous Pocket Classic Hugg-A-Planet® Earth with the Moon in it's Pocket. Over 600 places labeled on the Earth 100 on the Moon. and the moon is in proportion to the Hugg-A-Planet® Earth.

    NEW! The Earth and Moon hapwmoon$34.95
    Pocket Planet™Pocket Planet™
    NEW. Our Best selling Hugg-A-Planet, Earth has a deep pocket

    This is different. Keep all kinds of stuff in planet Earth. Money, secret stuff, jewelry, collectable cards, small toys, TV remote control, walkman, GPS, small cellular phone, pocket organizer, travel games just about anything that would fit in a pant pocket, can fit in our Earth Pocket™ Ages 3 and UP.

    Moon NOT included.

    The First Planet Stuffer.

    Pocket Planet™ PKHAP$29.95
    HuggAmerica  Soft Map of USA HuggAmerica  Soft Map of USA
    As featured in Newsweek's, "Gift Guide". The only soft geographically shaped map of the United States of America, showing Alaska and Hawaii to scale on the reverse side. Over 400 labeled places, A perfect travel item, or gift for the car. Features all 50 states with postal codes, major cities, natural features, rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, and National Parks. Made in the USA, 100% cotton. Size 11" x 14". It's fun to locate states, playing the license plate game while traveling. On a long road trip, or on a local errand, matching plates with a Hugg America® is fun. It keeps children busy and will even increase their geographic knowledge.

    Ben Franklin “Those who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Buckminster Fuller "You never change things by fighting the existing reality… To change something... Build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

    HuggAmerica Soft Map of USA USA$18.95
    Baby Hugg A Planet, Earth Baby Hugg A Planet, Earth
    The smaller version of our Hugg-A-Planet, Earth. Oceans, continents are labeled. Colorful and fun for all.

    BHAP- Political version of the Hugg A Planet 6" Dia

    Baby Hugg A Planet, Earth BHAP$11.95Available:: 
    Rattle Baby Hugg-A-Planet, EarthRattle Baby Hugg-A-Planet, Earth
    Our 6" Political Baby Hugg-A-Planet, Earth with a rattle inside. Just right for budding geography whizzes.

    Seen here in this photo with our Hugg-A-Planet, Mars is the colorful Hugg-A-Star. All 88 constellations are labeled in English and Latin with their positions within the Milky Way. The traditional celestial globe is currently out of stock- lower right

    HUGG-A-STAR STAR$18.95

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