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    a line of stars

  • Realtime World Sunlight Map See world weather too.

  • Since, 1982, Hugg-A-Planet has been developing great toys that belong in every home.

    IMIA International Map Industry Association

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    "Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet." - Carl Sagan.

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  • Click to enlargeFor use by all ages. <br> "Best 25 Toys of the Past 25 Years"

    THIS IS THE MUST HAVE PLANET EARTH.. No matter what age. The Classic Hugg-A-Planet® Earth. "Best 25 Toys of the Past 25 Years" A real globe thats soft, with over 600 places labeled.

    SOME SPIRITUAL QUALITIES in it's use, when you Hugg-A-Planet, you just hugged 7 billon+ people and yourself. Dr. Toy "The Hugg-A-Planet, earth belongs in every toy box"

    Always the gift you are remembered for. Featured in "Readers Digest" The Smartest Vacation Ever. Featured in Yankee and Prevention Magazines
  • Available in Spanish and French too. • Place on the family couch or on the bed for easy hands on reference. • Over 600 places labeled on the Hugg-A-Planet, Earth. 12" in diameter. A real globe but soft.• Helps our children learn about caring for Planet Earth. "Kids will eye it like a treasure, toss it like a ball and hug it like a friend" Claire S. Green Parents' Choice Foundation

    The Classic HUGG A PLANET Earth HAP$24.95AVAILABLE: 

  • <center>Currently out of stock.</center>
    <center>Currently out of stock.</center>

    For the dorm or family room. Be on top of the world. 600+ places labeled. A real globe but soft. A great addition for any room. First seen movie "Baby Boom"

    Currently out of stock.
    ISS  Earth Moon Mars 3pc. Set
    ISS  Earth Moon Mars 3pc. Set

    Now on International Space Station is a Pocket "Classic" Hugg-A-Planet® Earth, Hugg-A-Moon™ and Hugg-A-Planet® Mars.
    Launched 9/11/09 Our Hugg-A-Planet, Earth, Mars and Moon were packed up on top of a Japanese Launch vehicle HTV/H-IIB "KIBO" hope. This was JAXA's historic first flight for re-supply to ISS International Space Station. They orbit our real earth every 90 min. 5860 orbits/yr so far 650+ million miles 15,500 orbits.

    ISS Earth Moon Mars 3pc. Set ISSHAPMNMAR$49.95
    NEW! The Earth and Moon
    NEW! The Earth and Moon

    Astronaut Mike Fossum using the Hugg-A-Planet® Earth and Moon during an education downlink onboard the International Space Station. The Peacetoys that orbit! "TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD" Creative Child Magazine. The world’s first soft set of both. Pocket Hugg-A-planet, Earth, has a nice size pocket you can store your Moon or many other items.

    NEW! The Earth and Moon hapwmoon$34.95

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